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Follow These 5 Rules To Respect A Reactive Dog, And You Could Help Prevent A Disaster

Kristina Lotz writes in IHeartDogs that “there are two sides to every dog encounter. Yes, there is the owner of the reactive dog, but there is also another person that … Continue reading

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Building a bond with your new dog

At home or in the shelter, getting to know a dog is not always easy. As you begin to interact with your new dog, use your skills to interpret your … Continue reading

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Stop being pulled, start walking!

Knowing how to walk your dog with a loose leash prevents a lifetime of tug-of-war walks!

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‘Touch’ command, or hand targeting

This video shows shaping the ‘Touch’ command from the beginning to some pretty fancy stuff!  Both clicker and voice marking methods are used.  A well conditioned ‘Touch’ helps prevent problems … Continue reading

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Dog body signals

  Nothing is more important than understanding your dog’s body signals, his best was of communicating with you and other dogs.  The head turn, nose lick, and big yawn often … Continue reading

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Four on the floor – tips to stop jumping

Most dogs jump up on people to get something they want!  The key is to be really boring when your dog is jumping, and really fun when he is has … Continue reading

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Tails show how a dog is feeling

This video shows how to read a dog’s tail.  Even a stubby tail can give clues about how a dog is feeling!

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Familiarizing Your Puppy to Touch

Victoria Stillwell shows techniques for familiarizing a dog to touch in this video on her web site.  These methods are appropriate for a puppy or an adult dog that is not … Continue reading

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5 rainy day activities for you and your dog

A tired dog is a happy dog, with a happy owner.  Keep your dog active in mind and body during bad weather with these 5 activity ideas from veterinarian Andy … Continue reading

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